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Directions to the range: From the Butler/Reynolds direction, turn right toward Fort Valley on Hiway 96 at the Hiway 49 bypass intersection and turn right on Gun Club Road. Pass through the pecan orchard and go straight until the road turns to dirt & gravel and then go farther until you cross the RR tracks. DO NOT SPEED THROUGH THE HOUSING AREA!! There are lots of children and pets! PLEASE RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS!! From Fort Valley on Hiway 96 West, at the 2 mile marker turn left on Gun Club Road. Follow as noted above. From Byron, take Hiway 49 South to the 49/96 bypass on your right just outside of Fort Valley. Follow the bypass for several miles until you see a left turn onto Hiway 96 to Fort Valley. Take the left onto 96 and then turn right on Gun Club Road. Follow the road as described above.


The Fort Valley Gun Club is an NRA Affiliated organization dedicated to primarily Rifle & Pistol shooting events. Our mission is to promote gun safety and awareness at the same time that we enjoy friendly but spirited shooting competitions. While we are a membership club, all monthly competitions are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! (We have the only 350 yard Buffalo Rifle Silhouette Match in Middle GA) Please visit our "Matches & Results" page for scheduled matches, match fees and rules. Everyone is welcome regardless of their experience level. SAFETY is paramount and all safety rules are enforced for everyone's protection. A "Porta-Potty" is on site for your convenience. Bring your own food, water or soft drinks as none is available on site.


FVGC is now affiliated with the Georgia Sport Shooting Association (GSSA). As such, all FVGC members are now able to take advantage of the services offered by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Please click on the links to access the GSSA and CMP web sites.     GSSA     CMP  

FORBIDDEN! The use of Tannerite Targets, Tracers, any & all exploding targets or devices and any ammunition or device that could cause a fire is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the FVGC Range!!

EXECUTIVE NOTES: The following important information for members is from the Executive Committee;  i.e., The FVGC Officers.

We would like to ask our membership to send their e-mail address to the webmaster for our database. As with all of our data this will be kept confidential, this will not be given to anyone other than the Executive Committee of the FVGC. If anyone has address or phone number changes that would help too. They can send these to the webmaster and we will designate someone to maintain the data. (Walker Smith) To email the information, click on the "Webmaster" link in this message or at the bottom of the page.

CLUB RULE BOOK: (The rules concerning the number of allowable guests per member and their use of the range has changed. See page 7 of the Club Rules for the amended rules.) For a pdf copy of the 2015 club rule book, click HERE. This file will open using Adobe Reader which is available free on the web. Members are required to know and abide by all club rules. Please save this file and read/review as necessary.


                             RANGE HOUSEKEEPING is YOUR responsibility! The rule is simple; if YOU bring it, YOU take it with you when you leave. That includes the targets you post on the target frames and shoot. DON'T leave them for the next member to clean up. Be considerate of your fellow club members and don't leave your trash behind. When you remove your targets, please also remove the staples so that the next shooter can lay their targets flat against the backboard. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

                              MEETING OF FORT VALLEY GUN CLUB Inc. OFFICERS will be held at 11:30 AM, 4 April, on the Upper Range. All FVGC Inc. Officers please attend. This will the mandatory annual meeting for 2015.

                              ELECTION OF CLUB OFFICERS: The annual election of FVGC officers will be held at the 4 April, 2015, meeting. No one volunteered to chair the election committee so it was decided that all members in good standing may nominate a member (including themselves) for any of the four positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer or Range Officer. Nominees must agree to run for the position they are nominated to fill. Voting will be by secret ballot and only members may vote. Before receiving a ballot, the member must display their club card or a picture ID which will be checked against the membership list. No exceptions. The current club officers have agreed to serve another year if the members wish them to and they are re-elected. Please let your voice be heard.

                                IMPORTANT CLUB MEETINGS INFORMATION: EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY ALL club meetings are for current MEMBERS in good standing ONLY!! You MUST display your club membership card to attend and participate in club meetings. Those without membership cards will be required to stay at least 50 yards from the meetings while in progress. The FVGC is a private, members only, club and only members may voice opinions about club issues or cast votes effecting club matters. The only exceptions will be guest speakers invited or approved in advance by the Executive Committee.

                                             FVGC SALES & TRADES PAGE: Don't forget that one of your perks as a FVGC member is being able to post your guns and shooting related items on this website for FREE! Send the webmaster your information and pictures. It's a great way to advertise your items.

                                              FVGC RULES CHANGES:  The complete and revised 2015 FVGC rules have been posted and linked above as a pdf file that members can read or download and save. Please save a copy to your computer. These revised rules do not change in any way the club by-laws. The club Officers would like to especially thank Tom Magerkurth's daughter Donna McKinley who so graciously typed the rules book and made it into a pdf file. Donna did a fantastic job.

                                 RANGE SAFETY - Careless gun handling practices WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! Any member observed discharging a firearm into anything other than a berm-backed target may lose their membership. Members are also responsible for the actions of their guests so be sure the guest(s) conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner.

                                                      - ALCOHOL & GUNS mix like oil and water. IF a member or guest feels the need to have a cold beer while on the range, BE CERTAIN that all shooting by them has ceased and all guns have been put away FIRST. ANYONE observed drinking alcohol and handling a gun on the range will seriously jeopardize their club membership.

                                DON'T DO IT!! If your shots do not impact the berm, you are in violation of club rules and it's a good way to lose your range privileges or even club membership. There is NO EXCUSE for violating this rule. Targets MUST be placed so that bullets impact into a berm and not the ground.

                              CLUB MEMBERSHIP: At present the club membership is at maximum capacity. Our current dropout rate indicates a wait of at least 3 - 4 years before new members will be allowed to join. Therefore, no new membership applications will be accepted until further notice.

                                     MONTHLY MEETINGS: The Monthly Meetings of the Fort Valley Gun Club are held at noon on the first Saturday of each month beginning in February, 2014. The last meeting of the year will be in October. Important topics of interest to all FVGC members are discussed and voted upon. Be involved and let your voice be heard.

                                    MEMBERS & GUESTS: Please respect our range neighbors and DO NOT speed through the housing area. There are many children and pets so keep your speed at 25 MPH or less. We know the speed limit is 35 MPH but in our judgment, that's too fast. Please, be careful.


 SCHEDULED MATCHES: All matches scheduled to be shot each month will be listed below by date. Some matches are held each month all year. Some matches are only scheduled for part of the year. To view detailed information and the annual schedule for each match, visit the "Matches & Results" page where each match is described in detail. With the exception of the Tactical Matches, each match is the same from month to month although the Match Director has the authority to make changes as he/she sees fit. The Tactical Matches vary each month as determined by the Match Director. While a tentative Tactical Match list is posted, events may be changed at the Match Director's discretion.


                                                                                    Saturday, 4 Apr.    -  .22LR SILHOUETTE MATCH. Shooter's meeting at 9:00 AM. Match Begins immediately afterward.

                                                                                                                         -  BIG BORE BUFFALO STAKES SILHOUETTE MATCH. Shooter's meeting at 1:00 PM. Match begins immediately afterward.   

                                                                                     Sunday, 12 Apr.     -   CENTERFIRE PISTOL STEEL MATCH. Safety briefing at 10:00 AM and match begins at 10:30 AM. Ear and eye protection mandatory. Drinks and food are the responsibility of each individual. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather. For match specific information, please contact the Match Director Robert Stringer at (478) 919-4727.

                                                                                     Saturday, 18 Apr.   -  CENTERFIRE BENCH REST MATCH. Begins at 9:30 AM. The match will alternate monthly between 100/200 yards and 200/300 yards. See the matches & scores page for more details.                                                                                                                          

                                                                                     Saturday, 28 Mar.   - NRA .22LR SILHOUETTE MATCH.  Summer Schedule: Match begins 10:00 AM with practice beginning at 9:00 AM. Classes are Standard and Hunter. Rifles must meet NRA class rules. This is a sanctioned official NRA match and is run IAW NRA rules.

                                                                                                                           - FRIENDS & FAMILY .22LR SILHOUETTE MATCH.  Match begins 1:00 PM. This FUN match is for the whole family; everyone from the young to the almost ancient. Those 12 and under shoot from the bench while those 13 and up shoot offhand. Targets are 3/8 size animal steel silhouettes. Firearms are .22LR rimfire rifles using standard or high velocity cartridges only. Hyper-velocity NOT permitted. Cost is $5 per entry. Full details and rules can be found by clicking HERE


PICTURES PAGE UPDATED! The Pictures page has been updated with a link to a new page featuring recent and current picture thumbnails. Click on the thumbnails and the full picture will come up. Use the back button to return to the thumbnails. To see the new page & pictures, click HERE... or go to the Pictures page and use the link there!                                                                                                                   

CURRENT NOTICES & INFORMATION - In order to unclutter the club's home page, routine current notices and information will be posted on a separate page. All members are responsible for staying informed and up-to-date. The latest and best information available will be found on our web site. Click HERE to access the information page. Urgent and other important notices will still be posted on the home page. 

WEB SITE LINKS - A page with links to sites of interest to shooters. It's an on-going project that will eventually include information sites for shooters of most disciplines and sites that sell almost everything a shooter and reloader may want. To access the page, go HERE.


The oldest NRA Affiliated Gun Club in Georgia


    President: Butch Bennett   Vice-President: Walker Smith

Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Magerkurth    Executive Range Officer: Tom Hodge

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